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Because joy comes from the unexpected.

At Dignity Health we believe that humankindness really can change the world. We believe this because we see it in people like Robin, a driver for Meals On Wheels. For over a decade, her kindness has brightened the lives of the seniors she serves in Shasta County. Having served more than 2 million meals, this program has been a source of hope to seniors over the last 35 years. Because of people like Robin, we know that human connection comes from caring, and it’s that connection that creates real change. So whether it’s remembering someone’s birthday, or sharing a simple meal, we’ve learned that joy comes from the unexpected.

Help be a source of hope to seniors in your local area. Volunteering is easier than you think, and donations are always welcome. Call 530.226.3060 and speak to one of our Meals On Wheels team members to find out more about volunteer opportunities in our area, or click the Donate Now button below to make a financial contribution today.