Wanted: Brown Paper Bags

Please bring in your used or unsued brown paper bags. We would appreciate any that you can donate. Thank you!!

Shasta Senior Nutrition Program
100 Mercy Oaks Drive
Redding, CA (530) 226-3067

SSNP Vehicle Advertising

How would you like to have your business message seen by hundreds of potential customers each day? In one month’s time Shasta Senior Nutrition Programs “Hot Shots” (Meals on Wheels delivery trucks) drive 5,000 + miles.
They travel from Cottonwood to Mountain Gate as well as the Burney area. Your business logo & advertisement could travel with them while providing support of SSNP, a program vital to the elderly and low income families in Shasta County.

Your advertisement in full color digitally printed graphic on the back of one of six deliverly trucks could measure 47″x73″. These delivery vehicles travel a minimum of 50 miles per day Monday through Friday.

If you like a little larger exposure, then consider advertising on the back or side of an SSNP Transportation Bus that travels approximately 150 miles per day, throughout the Greater Redding and Burney area.

Bus signs are 87.5″x 78″ (back side) or 25.25″ x 25.5″ for the side of the bus.
These full-color digitally printed graphics are an affordable way to showcase your product. Graphic designers are available to help you with the lay out of your ad.

For pricing information please call (530) 226-3060