We believe…
in the sacredness of all life, and therefore, in the dignity of the human person,
in a climate of mutual support, compassion, care and justice for those serving and being served within our organization,
in a spirit of mercy and hospitality that welcomes all in need,
in the rights of all persons to quality services and our responsibility to act as advocates for the poor and vulnerable,
in integrity of word and deed.

Shasta Senior Nutrition Program (SSNP) is a private non-profit agency formed in 1979. We assist seniors and individuals to independence by providing opportunities for persons to receive services and take part in activities that will enhance their dignity and encourage their continued involvement in the community.

Honors awarded to SSNP include the NANASP “Golden Apple Award” in 1989 for outstanding Meals on Wheels practices and procedures, the ANPP “Outstanding Non-profit Organization Award” in 1997 and the NANASP “Golden Apple Award” in 1999 for community partnering and senior services provided .

The Mercy Oaks campus is the home of SSNP’s main facility and administration. Our 25,900 square foot facility offers seniors a safe serene environment for dining and recreation.